By-law, in general, means a set of rules and regulations formed by a local authority, mostly by a company or society for its members. However, in the present context, we’ll be focusing primarily on the by-laws made by the City Council, and the tickets that are issued in the case of their violation.

So, in the above mentioned context, by-laws are rules and regulations that are enacted as well as enforced by the City Council. The enactment of such rules and regulations by the City Council is done by virtue of the delegated authority which possess through the Municipal Government Act.

Violation Ticket Alberta

Bylaws generally have the common objective of regulating public as well as private activities so as to ensure safety, order as well as public health in the community. Violation of a bylaw is an offense, though of the nature of mala in prohibitum, and may result in the liability to pay a penalty. Violation of a bylaw, on being complained or noticed, may result in the issuance of an order to comply, a municipal tag, or a violation ticket. Of these three possibilities, our focus here remains on the violation ticket.

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    Violation of a by law may result in a violation ticket. However, the by law defence is now easy with Alberta Ticket Fighter. Contact us today.

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