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There are two types of violation tickets: Summons Violation Ticket, and Offence Notice Violation Ticket. Summons Violation Ticket, such tickets are pink in color, and read “Part 2, Summons” in the top right corner. A Summons Violation will have a complaint noting the accusations, and a summon noting a date to appear in the Court. Such ticket only require you to appear in court before a Judge.

However, the Offence Notice Violation Tickets are generally yellow in color, and read “Part 3, Offence Notice” in the top right corner. Such ticket will have a certificate of offense in first place noting the accusation, and also an offense notice. An offense notice always has the option of voluntary payment, unlike the Summons Violations Tickets.

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Depending upon what the ticket requires, you may be required to pay a certain amount of fine or appear before the court. In the case of the option of voluntary payment, such payment is made before the date of a court appearance. Such payment when made, however, is considered both a guilty plea as well as a conviction.

With the option of court appearance, such a move is preferable when you want to plead not guilty to the offense. Once you appear before the court and make a not guilty plea, you’ll be provided with a trial date. If you wish to contest a ticket, you should prefer a court appearance rather than a voluntary payment.

If you fail to respond in time to an offense, you may face a variety of consequences. Such possibilities include the inability to obtain important services such as vehicle registration, addition of late payments, and even a warrant for arrest. With the part 2 tickets which has a mandatory court appearance, the court on the court date will be looking to suspend your driving license for up to 90 days and a fine of up to $2,300. Failing to appear on the court date for part 2 ticket will result in the issue of warrant for arrest. That’s why we are here to help you so that you can respond timely with strategic decisions. We can help you in this hard time. Please, contact us anytime.

Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets is a serious problem in Alberta. If your Traffic Tickets are not handled by professionals there can be some serious consequences of these tickets. These traffic tickets can result in increasing your rates by Insurance companies as most of these companies are always checking your driving and traffic tickets issues.  In this situation, it can be really hectic if you try to fight in this situation alone. We can help you in this situation with our professional services. Due to ignorance, any traffic ticket can have serious results to you, greater than the cost of retaining professional assistance. Insurance Companies can legally hold a ticket against you for three years; in the event of an accident they will increase your premium for six years. Some insurance companies monitor your drivers abstract and they will increase your insurance substantially for what seems to you like minor infractions.

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    Traffic Ticket
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    Traffic Ticket
    It is important to know about the types of traffic ticket and offences. At Alberta Ticket Fighter, you will get detailed information about the types of violation tickets.

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