Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Is a situation in which you will file a Divorce application and your spouse is not filing any dispute to your application for Divorce. In addition to this, your spouse is willing to cooperate and provide his/her time as required for this process. In this hard time, we can help you to make this time less painful for you. We will provide our services in the following categories regarding uncontested divorce

  • Guardianship of your Child.
  • Parenting Order.
  • Contact with your loving Child.
  • Child Support, Spousal/Partner Support.
  • Enforcement of Time with Child

It seems that Alberta has been gaining new titles; it is the “divorce capital of the world”, because of legislation that changes, the least affluent party between spouses is to make use of the Canadian judiciary.

Uncontested Divorce

Divorce in Alberta

In Alberta the divorce system and legislation are run by the Divorce Act (Canada). So in Canada, every province has got its own administration of Acts regarding the Divorce system.  The most important thing about divorce in Alberta is that once you file for Divorce you have to get a “Clearance certificate” from concerned clerk just to make sure that no other divorce has been filed with the same name in Canada.

When can you file for an uncontested divorce? Anywhere Read the different situations below to know if you can file for an uncontested divorce:

  1. There are no disagreement between you and your spouse regarding financial issues.
  2. Agreement over marital support and spousal support.
  3. No disagreement regarding the child/children custody if you have any.

As to the increasing number of couples these days that are filing uncontested divorce, most of them seek out help from a layer immediately which may be impractical and can cost you quite an amount of money.  Nowadays the trend is to hire a paralegal that had already worked with numerous uncontested divorces. Our agency offers you the best paralegal you can find.

We offer you with the things that you need to present in court as follows:

  1. Child support – in this, we base our calculations in the Federal Child support Guidelines and we will show it in court for the approval, but the most common concern is that the stated amount of income whether it is accurate or not.
  2. Spousal Support- if you and your spouse have disagreement over spousal support we can calculate it for you based on the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines.

The guidelines that we are using are referred by the lawyers themselves. We can write down a draft for you regarding child support and spousal support and you can present it to a lawyer. If there are additional advices from a lawyer we are fully willing to edit it for you.

Why Hire Us?

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

We have the paralegals that you need. We are a full package paralegal service provider we can help you throughout from the start of your filing up to the end.

Aside from being in the service for many long years, the experiences of our paralegals are growing with each year, having to deal with different cases and situations.  We assure you that we can give you the best paralegal service you need.

Uncontested Divorce
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Uncontested Divorce
If you need uncontested divorce lawyer, then contact Alberta Ticket Fighter. We assure you that we can give you the best paralegal service you need.

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